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Reluctant Reader Solution - A Review

Product: Reluctant Reader Solution

Price: $97

Company: Kids Scoop

To Purchase: Reluctant Reader Solution

Age Range: Elementary or older reluctant readers

Other Products: Tons of free activities on the website

Brief Intro:
From the website
  • 12 months access to the Kid Scoop monthly newspaper, the online newspaper just for kids. ($55 value)
  • 365 Kid Scoop Worksheets, the most "pencil-friendly" worksheets available anywhere. ($147 value)
  • 365 days to put the full program to the test with absolutely no risk.
  • All for only $97 — a deep discount over purchasing each piece separately.
In-Depth Look:

Both of my older children love to read. They don't really need encouragement or prodding. They voluntarily read a lot, especially my 12 year old. So I thought this program might be something that they would enjoy.

The first thing we looked at was the Kid Scoop Magazine. It is a monthly publication. We received the January 2011 issue. And we have since looked over the February issue as well. You can either view it online or print it out. Printing it out makes it easier to read and of course, easier to do the activities. But viewing it online allows you to use the "click-able" options. So maybe the best thing is to view it online, clicking on any of the links that interest you. Then you can print it out and read it more thoroughly and enjoy all of the activities.

The newspaper is customized for the month of issue. January mentioned items such as Martin Luther King, Jr. The February issue focused on items such as Valentine's Day. The issues are full color and very eye-catching. But beware, if you plan to print it, it will require a whole lot of ink.

The articles and activities are many, with great variety.
-Interesting articles
-Word Searches
-Crossword puzzles
-A really neat calendar for the month with something interesting for each day
-Money matters
-How to draw lessons
-And much more

- There is also a section at the end for Early Learners, the younger ones in your family.

I think it is very appealing and interesting. It has lots of fun activities and informative articles. I was surprised to see that my children weren't more interested in it than they were. My 12 year old said it was too young for her. I thought my 8 year old would be more "into it". But she didn't want to spend much time on it either.

The second part of the bundle is the Kid Scoop Worksheets (Reluctant Reader Fun Sheets). This is available as a down-loadable file. It consists of 60 topics, that can be used to supplement unit studies or just as a fun activity. There are a wide array of topics, ranging from
-Louisa May Alcott and Martin Luther King, Jr.
-Constitution Day and Veterans Day
- Tadpoles and Bees
-Smores and Toon Time

The printouts are 6 pages long and black-and-white. Perfect for printing out and for completing in a short amount of time. Again, there are lots of activities to choose from.
-Find 10 differences between 2 pictures (one of my favorites)
-Creative writing
-Word searches
-Funny fillers
-Lots more

I like that each packet is based on a theme, like a mini unit study. You can pick based on the time of year (such as Valentine's Day) or based on your child's interests (such as Orcas). Kid Scoop includes a suggested schedule, one by month and one by theme.

I think these are very cute little packets. Just the right size for finishing in a short amount of time, great for a car ride. My daughters enjoyed these more than the newspaper. They had fun making up their own riddles and word plays. They enjoy "spot the difference" pictures.

Here is an example from the Orcas packet.

Some extra info:
Be sure to visit their website to sign up for 30 days of awesome exercises and ideas to make reading fun for free.

The Reluctant Reader has a 365-day guarantee. That is a whole year of trying it.

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Disclaimer: I received the Reluctant Reader Solution free of charge, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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