Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am currently reading the Duggars book, "18 and Counting". I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I am reading and learning. Some things make me wish I had learned them about 20 years earlier. :(

But one thing I read really struck a chord with me. It said, in so many words, "Be careful what you criticize your child for, because they may never do it again."

Do you understand the depth of that statement? Words you say in haste or in anger, or in just a lack of judgment . . . those words could cause your child to never do it again.

You are cooking. The pot boils over. It goes everywhere. You are so angry at yourself for letting it happen. You start cleaning it all up. Half-way through the wipe down, your 4-year-old daugher comes in from outside and hands you a daisy that she picked just for you. Do you smile and thank her. Or do you snap, "NOT RIGHT NOW! CAN'T YOU SEE I HAVE A MESS?". If you do the latter, she may never bring you a daisy again.

When I read that statement in the Duggar's book, it had a huge impact on me. May I never forget it. May you never, either.

God bless.

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