Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Challenge

An online friend of mine has made a challenge . . . a challenge to post at least daily on our blog every day for the month of February.

Well, I have been wanting to post more than reviews here on this blog. To make it more personal and inviting. So, I am taking April's challenge as a swift kick in the seat of the pants. I doubt I will make it every day. Doubt I will even think about it every day. But even if I only blog half the days, it is a major improvement. So here it goes.

Day 1 of the Blogging Challenge will be to put my announcement out there. To commit myself to doing this, publicly. What will my blogs be about? I DON'T KNOW. Scary, huh? But I am going to sign off and go get some sleep. And hopefully the sweet dream fairy will visit me tonight and leave a little inspiration behind.

If not, well, I guess we will both be surprised.

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