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Zane Education Videos - A Review

Pricing ranges from FREE to a recurring GOLD membership of $17.99/month.

You can also try the one-time $5 topic taster, to get an idea of whether or not this is a good fit for your family.

You can learn more about your options here.

Great Deal Alert:
Zane Education is offering a 35% discount on any annual Gold, Silver, or Bronze Membership subscription through the month of August 2012. 
Promotion Code: ZE822HSM

Age range of videos:  Elementary grades through Adult
Offering online educational video and online quizzes.

Contact Information  (Contact page)

Tel: +1.650.488-8204
30 Rewi Street
Auckland 0630
New Zealand
Tel: +64.9.473 2280

Be sure to check out their very active FaceBook page.
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So just what is Zane Education all about? (in their words)

Zane's online visual learning solution includes 7 key components:

  1. The subtitled videos that teach the information - often called the curriculum.
  2. The quizzes that test - but also continue the learning process.
  3. The lesson plans - for lesson preparation and lesson activities.
  4. The video study tools - that enables students to fully explore each topic.
  5. The Study Centre - enables student to track progress and provides additional resources (re-opening soon - new features currently being added)
  6. The very affordable family subscription - remains the same irrelevant of number of children.
  7. Zane's Christian Home Learning Guide - a 420-page publication written by Marshall Foster and Ron Ball that explains how all topics studied conform to Biblical teaching.
*Subjects include: Science & Biology, Social Studies (History & Geography), English (Literature & Writing), Math (free), Art, Music, Religious Studies, Health, Library Skills, Social Sciences.


An Awesome Free Bonus, even with the FREE membership is the Christian Home Learning Guide.

Christian Home Learning Guides (in their words)
"Zane Education provides a Guide for Christian Homeschoolers demonstrating how to use the learning resources provided on this website to achieve the best educational outcome for the student.
Zane also provides the Christian Home Learning Guide, a 420-page publication specially written for us by Marshall Foster and Ron Ball. This book is a comprehensive publication that reviews all of the content and material introduced in our videos and demonstrates how it conforms to Biblical teachings and beliefs. If you are a Christian Homeschool family then this book will provide you with the confirmation you need to know that your child will not be receiving any information that does not conform to Christian teachings and beliefs.
This Guide can be downloaded free of cost on our Downloads page by those people that have completed a free Registration for a free Basic Membership."



A really neat and unique feature of Zane Education is something that they call THE MISSING LINK.  This means using subtitles and closed captioning on their videos, except the math videos which come from a different company.  Using subtitles helps with a variety of learning styles.  Your child can watch the video, listen to the video, and if they choose...read along with the video.  It is helpful for not only basic learning, but also for ESL and special-needs students. I, personally, enjoy reading along.  It helps me process the information better.

You can read more about the research here.


So what do you get?

  • 384 topics
  • 1544 videos
  • 260 quizzes
  • Lesson Plans
Includes the following subjects:  Art, Biology, Geography, Health, History, Library Skills, Literature, Math, Music, Religious Studies, Science, and Social Science.  Skill levels range from Elementary Grades up through Adult.


Some other great resources included in Zane's Study Centre:

  • World Fact Book
  • Video Glossary
  • Zane Dictionary
  • Zane Thesaurus
  • Zane Encyclopedia
  • Catalogs and Downloads



So what did we think about it?

First I recommend that you start with the "Getting Started Guide" and the "User Guide".

Second, I recommend that you read the Christian Home Learning Guide.  It is FREE with membership and a whopping 424 pages.  It is a wealth of information, a unit study lover's dream.  The guide covers a timeline of history from a Christian perspective, including review questions, related scriptures, suggested readings, and a glossary. The guide lists the relevant videos to correlate with the topics.

The guide also helps you navigate the videos, mentioning whether a video contains references to old earth, evolution, etc.  Here is an interesting quote from the guide...

                "At times, you will encounter secular interpretations of events in the Learning Videos. There is, for example, a clear, evolutionary bias in the material in the Biological Sciences series. Do not be alarmed! It is our conviction that students should know and understand  positions outside of evangelical Christianity. We are confident that their faith will be stronger when they know both sides and understand why we believe the biblical view of the world is correct both intellectually and spiritually."

You will have to decide for your family how to handle videos such as these.  You may choose to avoid these videos or you may choose to watch them, while discussing why you agree or disagree with certain statements.  I chose to view them and discuss them, explaining to my daughters that they can expect to meet and interact with many people who share these beliefs; but also explaining what we believe and why.  That way when they are exposed to these sort of conversations in the future, it won't come as a total shock and they will be more prepared with an answer as to why they believe what they believe.

In addition to this guide, the website is also a wealth of information.  This site covers so many topics.  Without the guide, your hardest job might be deciding just where to start.  The videos are arranged by topic and by age level.  The videos are accompanied by online quizzes, with automated grading.  In addition to the videos and quizzes, Zane Education is jam-packed full of resources...for homeschool, for Christian education, for special needs, for ESL, and more and more.

I am impressed with this site with its videos and quizzes, with its guides and resources. 


Zane Education is offering a 35% discount on any annual Gold, Silver, or Bronze Membership subscription through the month of August 2012. 
Promotion Code: ZE822HSM

 Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.



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