Monday, October 10, 2011

Scruble Cube - A Review

Product:  Scruble Cube

Price:  Approx $24, prices vary

Age Range:  "If you can spell, you can play"

Brief Description (From the website):
What if you took some of the known playing patterns of some of the most popular word games and puzzles in history and combined them in a brand new, unique format to create the World’s Greatest 3-D Word Game? Well, you’d have the “SCRUBLE Cube™ a patent pending game with over 7.4 x 1045(that’s 7,401 septillion)possible configurations that anyone who can spell can play. And all in a portable format that can be played anywhere- anytime. The SCRUBLE Cube™ is a word game and a puzzle- on steroids!

Our Thoughts:
I love word games, all kinds of word games.  So the Scruble Cube sounded like lots of fun to me.  My daughters could use some more spelling practice.  So a fun way to encourage spelling sounded like a winning idea to me.  So I was already excited before the Scruble even arrived.

Once it arrived, I wasn't disappointed.  It has a definite cool factor; the look is very unique.  See the picture of it?  Doesn't it just make you want to pick it up and start playing with it?

Well, here is the thing.  We all tried it out. (My husband, myself, our 12 year old, and our 9 year old). And then we tried it out again.  Several times.  But we just couldn't get into it. My husband and kids didn't particularly enjoy it.  And I found it overwhelming.

The directions tried to help.  It came with a quick start guide, with helpful hints and tips.  They were helpful.  They did make it a little less stressful.  But it just wasn't our thing.

I hesitate to say that.  Because I know many of the other families who reviewed the product loved it.  So I hope that you will read more reviews, to help you make a decision.  Read some of the stories of families who did think it "rocked".

The site even offers activities and lesson plans, which I think is an awesome bonus.

On a side note, several of us found it to be a good stress reliever to just sit there spinning the rows.  Not trying to spell anything, not even really paying attention.  Just relaxing and spinning the rows.  

Read more reviews here.

Disclaimer: I received this item free of charge to review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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  1. We found this very challenging! I had a hard time making words more than 3-4 letters long! LOL I'm stopping by from the Crew and now I'm a follower. I hope you'll visit me too.