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George W Carver: His Life and His Work DVD - A Review

Product:  George W Carver - His Life and His Work

Length:  Approx 30 minutes

Price:  $19.95
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Company:  Marshall Publications

Age Range:  Elementary and Up

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Brief Overview: (from the website)

For anyone looking for an inspirational story, for historians, teachers and students, and for young and old alike this DVD featuring stunning photography and a superb original music score is certain to be watched again and again.

Bonus:  The site includes a free study guide and discussion questions.  Very nice touch.

Our Thoughts:

The story of George Washington Carver is an amazing one.  What an inspiration and testimony his story is.  The more I learn about Carver, the more fascinating I find it.  So, when this review came along, I jumped at the chance.

I was so anxious to receive it and kept stalking the mailbox in hopes of it soon arriving.  Finally, the day came and there was the DVD.  Super cool.

This documentary crams a lot into 30 minutes.  You will get a very good overview of his life and a lot of details, to boot.  Students will learn the value of hard work , of never giving up, of generosity and stewardship, of prayer and faith.  George Washington Carver was an amazing and inspiring man and children and adults alike can learn much from his morals and his work ethic. The story includes several of Carver's quotes.  One of which was:
"Success does not depend on the style of clothes you wear or the amount of money you put in the bank, it is service to others that counts."

The DVD is documentary style.  Parts are narrated as a biography, parts as an autobiography.  With narration, an original music score, some great photographs, and graphics.  Lots of videos of nature, which Carver loved. Video clips of statues, museums, old photographs, old papers, etc. Kind of like a slide show with commentary.  The show includes a sound clip of Carver speaking.  You will notice that he had an unusually high voice.  In the study guide mentioned above, you learn that it was that way because whooping cough had damaged his vocal chords.

Booker T. Washington and George W. Carver were a great team, who did great things at the Tuskegee Institute.  This shows just how amazing.  Carver didn't care about fame or fortune.  He truly cared about making a difference and helping people, sharing his great discoveries.  Booker T. Washington was known to say, "We ask for nothing we can do ourselves."

You will have to judge if this style of film will hold your child's attention.  Commentary style versus a drama-style performance.  My 12 year old and I learned a lot from it.  My 9 year old had some trouble focusing on it. 

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Disclaimer: I received this item free of charge to review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary. 

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