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MonkiSee DVD and Book - A Review

Product:  MonkiSee Baby's First Words DVD and Know Your Monkey Book

Price:   DVD ($19.95)  Book ($9.95)

Company:  Intellectual Baby, LLC

To Purchase:

Age Range:  3 months - 3 years old

Other Products:  Books, Flash Cards, DVDs, Flash Cards

Brief Intro: (from the website)

DVD - An entertaining way of teaching babies body parts and other familiar first words, including words from head to toes and in between!  Ages 3 months - 3 years old.  Regular Price $24.95

Book - Join Howie and Skip in the book Know Your Monkey as they learn to identify their body parts while learning to read. $9.95

In-Depth Look:

This program is recommended for children ages 3 months - 3 years.  So I was happy to sign my 2 year old and try it out.  We received MonkiSee DVD Volume 1 - Baby's First Words and the book Know Your Monkey - A See and Say Story.  The mascots of both are two little monkeys named Skip and Howie.  My 2 year old loves monkeys, as I would guess most preschoolers do.  So this was a good sign.

The recommended viewing is daily, 5 days a week for a month or so.  For a total viewing of at least 20 times.  The movie is about 30 minutes long.  There is also a slide show of the 40 words to use as a quick review.  My daughter seemed to get a lot out of the slide show, which alternates quickly between the words and the pictures.  It provided a quick review that she would interact with . . . such as pointing to her shoulder when it would review shoulder.

The movie is filmed in Belize and includes several animals from the Belize Zoo.  A delightful little video that takes turns showing each of the 40 words and then pictures to go along with it.  Cute kids and cute animals and a catchy theme song. 

Sometimes my 2 year old daughter wants to watch it and other times she does not.  That is fine because there will be plenty of times that she is willing to watch it.  She likes it best when I watch it with her.  She will watch and listen intently and sings right along with the theme song.  It is a very cute song that she quickly caught on to. 

You may choose to use the book with the movie or on its own.  It is super cute and again has the cute little howler monkey mascots.  The pages alternate between simple phrases on one double-page spread, then Howie and Skip demonstrating those words on the next double-page spread.

For example:

Monkey mouths  is written on one side
open and close is written on the other side  

Then on the next double-page

Monkeys have their mouths open with word "OPEN" over them on one side.
Monkeys have their mouths closed with word "CLOSE" over them on other side.

I like that it alternates between pictures and words.  This allows me to trace the words with my finger as I read.  My daughter can focus on the words without the pictures to distract.  Then the pictures on the next page help to clarify and reinforce the phrase on the previous page.  And the pictures make it more enjoyable for the little ones.

Here is the word list for the story book:

I like the book and the DVD.  My daughter does as well. As you can see in the photos, she enjoys the book very much.

I highly recommend that you read the story of Krista Guerrero, a homeschooling mom of six, and how this series came to be.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and the history of the program will give you some insight into how it works and how to implement.  

Read more reviews here.  

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge to review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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