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Considering God's Creation - A Review

Product:  Considering God's Creation

Price:  $29.95 (Workbook, Teacher's Manual, & CD)

Age Range:  2nd - 7th grade (with adaptations)

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Company:  Eagle's Wings

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The state capital game looks very interesting.  I just may have to get that one.

Brief Intro: (from the website)

A creative in-depth encounter with natural science from a biblical perspective.
Adaptable for Second to Seventh Grade. A gigantic 272-page book plus Teacher's Manual with free audio CD!

In-Depth Look:
We have had a lot of trouble finding a science curriculum that we enjoy.   So we have used living books and unit studies, for the most part.  When this book came up for review, I jumped on board.

You will receive a very detailed teacher's manual, a workbook full of reproducible printables, and a CD of songs/poems to go along with several of the lessons.

Eagle's Wings is a Christian program.  It includes a short Bible lesson corresponding to each lesson and an occasional Evolution Stumper.  So depending on your Worldview, this may or may not be a good fit for your family. 

The book has a nice variety of topics, starting with Creation.  From the solar system to genetics.  From food chains to clouds.  Since we only had a limited amount of time to try out the book, I chose the topics I thought would be of interest to the girls.  We studied clouds, whales, amphibians, and more.  Their favorite one was about whales.

In any given lesson, you will find vocabulary words, a brief lesson, a tie-in to a Bible lesson, some really neat worksheets.  The lessons are not very long, but the hands-on activities are a nice touch.  And the teacher's manual includes ideas for deeper study and more projects.  If you used the book and all the given resources, it would be more than enough for a very nice unit study on a wide variety of topics.

I would have liked for the lessons to have a little more detail, to be a little more in-depth.  But as I mentioned, that is where the additional resources come in.  And it would be difficult to cover so many topics in one book if they had provided a lot more depth.

The worksheets were my favorite part.  They are really nice.  Many of them have a lapbook feel to them.  The workbook is reproducible.  So you just make as many copies as you need for your family.

An added bonus is the CD containing songs written for and relating to several of the lessons.  Music does wonders for helping learn and remember facts.  Science is no exception.  You can listen to some sound clips on the right-hand side of this  page.

If you have more questions, you might find them on the FAQ page.

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Disclaimer: I received these books free of charge to review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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