Monday, April 4, 2011

Kabongo - A Review

Product:  GoGo Kabongo

Price:  Laughter Lake Habitat - FREE
          Galaxy Gardens - $4.95 (FREE for a limited time)
          Twister Tops - $4.95

Company:  Kabongo, Inc.

Want to Play?  GoGo Kabongo

Age Range: Ages 4-7

Brief Intro: (from the website)
Launch reading skills with online brain games kids love. Explore a fantastical world where surprises hide around every corner and skating is a way of life with GoGo Kabongo's free online learning games.

In-Depth Look:

GoGo Kabongo is recommended for ages 4-7.  I signed my 9 year old up for the program, thinking that she just might enjoy it also.  She enjoyed it for a few days, thought it was fun.  But then she decided that it was indeed too young for her.  But when I asked her if she thought a younger child would enjoy it, she said they would like it a lot.  Her favorite game is Photo Safari.

I also had my 12 year old play it a little while, just to get her thoughts and opinions about the game.  She also thought that a young child would enjoy this site a lot.  Her favorite pick is the "Make Your Own Comic".

The game is geared towards the younger set, 4 to 7 years of age.  It focuses on preschool and lower elementary skills.  Finding the specified letters or shapes.  Phonics.  Duplicating a memorized pattern.  Missing puzzle pieces.  Reading comprehension.  Following directions.  Games start out simple and progressively get more complicated.  Playing games earns rewards.  Your child will have three choices for their prize.  To add a piece to their skate park, to gain a piece of decoration for their tree-house, or to gain a comic maker sticker.

The main hub of the game is the tree-house.  This is where you decorate with the items that you earn as prizes, try out the comic maker, use the avatar maker, and visit the skate park.

From here, use the map to choose from the 3 possible habitats.  

Laughter Lake with 3 games:  Going Buggy, Critter Sizer, and Scuba Dude

Twister Top with 3 games:  Desert Dash, Crazy Maze, and Design a Door

Galaxy Gardens with 3 games:  Photo Safari, Robo Bobo, and Rocket Racer

Your child's guides are friendly looking monsters with big smiles.  They will give instructions and assistance along the way.  My 9yo did find it frustrating that the guides gave the directions to a game EVERY TIME she played.  She would have preferred to hear it only the first time.  Maybe an option to click for directions, instead of automatically having to listen to them every time.

As a courtesy to the parents, Kabongo sends a weekly email progress report.  It shows what games your child played, what level he is on, and what skills he practiced.  

This is a very cute game.  Easy to learn.  Easy to navigate.  It teaches some fundamental skills to the preschool and early elementary set.  It is fun and rewarding for the younger kids.

It is also priced very reasonably.  The first habitat is free.  The next two are only $4.95 each.

A great site!

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Disclaimer: I received the use of Kabongo free of charge, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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