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I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God - A Review

Product:  I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God 
Available in KJV or NIV

Price:  $8.95

Company:  Greek 'n' Stuff

Author:  Karen Mohs

Age Range:  Reading independently for quiet time study

I used with my 12, 9 and 2 year olds as a group lesson.

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Brief Introduction: (from the website)

    Jonah and Ruth - KJV
  • Jonah learns to obey God
  • Ruth chooses God and is blessed
  • Thirteen weekly lessons
  • Clear, straightforward questions
  • Memory verses
  • Interesting insights
  • Life applications
  • Sample pages! When finished, click on BACK to return.
  • King James Version
  • $8.95 (US)

Sample Page:

In-Depth Look:
This Bible study has thirteen lessons, each with six parts.  It also includes a sample schedule.
1) Pray
2) Read or recite the memory verse
3) Read the Bible passage.
4) Answer the questions.
5) Read "Think and Pray About It"
6) Pray for help with the principle in #5.

 This Bible study is very simple.  A child of about 8 years and up could easily work his way through this book on his own.  However, I decided to complete the book as a family.

Each lesson is divided into 6 parts.  One for each day of the week, except for Sunday.  Each day that week, your child will read the same Bible passage and work on memorizing the same Bible verse.  He will also answer a few basic questions.  The questions give the passage, in case your child needs to look up the answer.  Scattered throughout are little tidbits of information, thoughts to ponder, and mini history lessons.
Lessons 1-5 work their way through the Book of Jonah.  The remaining lessons work through the Book of Ruth, one of my favorite stories in the Bible.  One of my other favorites, Esther, is also available as an Alone with God study guide.

You won't have to worry about doctrinal issues, that something might be said that your family won't agree with.  It doesn't discuss doctrine, just facts.  For example, in Lesson Eleven's study of Ruth 4:1-8, here are some of the questions.

1. Where did Boaz go and what did he do there? (Ruth 4:1)

2. Who passed by? (Ruth 4:1)
    What did Boaz ask him to do? (Ruth 4:1)

3. Boaz and the nearest kinsman sat at the city gate together. How many elders did Boaz ask to join them? (Ruth 4:2)

This book will give your child a complete overview of both Jonah and Ruth.  They will complete both whole books of the Bible, by the time they finish the study guide.  The lessons are short and simple.  The informational sidebars are interesting and educational.  The "Think and Pray About It" boxes really give you something to ponder and pray about.

I liked the study guide.  My daughters liked the study guide.  I now have an even greater admiration for Ruth.

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Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge to review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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