Monday, November 15, 2010

Patchwork Quilt Kit - A Review

Product: Patchwork Quilt Kit

Price: $11.99 (Regularly $14.99)

Company: Corps of Re-Discovery

To Purchase: Quilt Kit

Age Range: Approx. 8 and up

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Brief Overview:
Enjoy making a doll quilt using the same techniques the pioneers did.
Kit includes coordinating cotton fabric, backing and batting, plus complete instructions. - from the website

The kits are manufactured in the United States.

In-Depth Look:
I have always thought quilting was such a neat skill. There is just something about a homemade quilt. There is often a story behind it. Scraps of cloth from a baby's first outfit, a daughter's Christmas pjs, or a son's favorite shirt. Pieces of their lives and their history transformed into a quilt to be shared for years to come.

For the past few years, I thought about learning how to make a quilt. But one problem is that my sewing skills are limited to very basic hand-sewn mending. Definitely nothing to brag about. And the other problem, I learn best by watching someone else do it . . . and I don't have any close friends or family that quilt (at least not to my knowledge).

So, when I received the quilt kit I didn't know if I was happy about it or not. I liked the idea of making a little baby quilt. But I wasn't so sure I could figure it out just using a small sheet of instructions.

My daughter has taken 2 hand sewing classes at our homeschool co-op. She has learned a lot and is at least my equal at it now. But the difference is she actually enjoys it. She offers to mend clothes, designs her own patterns, and was very eager to try the quilt.

So I considered having her make the quilt. But I didn't feel like I could do a fair review on the quilt unless I made it myself. And I decided that it would make a nice gift for my daughter's upcoming birthday.

The instructions were detailed enough. Step-by-step instructions. And some illustrations. The paper instructs you to sew a 1/4inch from the edge, not more and not less. Nice, neat, even. Which would be beautiful, but I don't have that level of sewing skill. It also suggests that you iron each patch that you sew. But, I hate ironing.

So, I decided to do it my way. And then see how it turned out and report it to you. I did mark the 1/4 inch border on each square, but I definitely didn't have nice and neat seams. They were kind of crooked and not spaced evenly. I also refused to iron between patches. I did this because I wanted to see if it would still turn out nicely. Because if I were to make a quilt in the future, I know the seams wouldn't be perfect and I would still hate to iron. :)

Well, I think it is coming along nicely. I have spent hours hand-sewing my quilt patches and it looks pretty. Not perfect, not professional. But pretty.

At first I didn't enjoy it. Did I mention that I don't like hand-sewing. (And I don't know how to sew with the machine.) But as I moved along with the project, I did get the hang of it and my speed increased. And even as an amateur, I now feel that this kit has given me the instruction and confidence I need to feel like I really can make a quilt. I don't know that I would ever make a full-size quilt. Not sure I have that much desire or patience. But I think I could make a baby-doll size quilt. I like the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. And I think they would make wonderful gifts for my daughters and nieces.

I like the concept of these kits. One, for anyone interested in learning how to quilt. Two, for the historical significance. It helps you to feel more a part of the "olden days". Corps of Re-Discovery offers several different kits from American Indian, pioneer and colonial, frontiersmen, and leather working. The kits include most everything that you will need. For the quilt kit, I received everything I would need except for the needles.

I highly recommend the kits from Corps of Re-Discovery. But I would suggest that you pick one that interests you. Such as not picking the quilting kit if you dislike hand-sewing and ironing. :)

Would you like to read more reviews? Some crew members received different kits.

Disclaimer: I received the quilt kit free of charge, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.


  1. My daughter uses the sewing machine, and it went really fast!

  2. Well I guess this was a challenge then heh? LOL Sounds like you gave it your best and that is great-cuz it makes it personal and charming. Nice review dear!