Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Collector - A Review

Product: Book Collector


$24.95 - Standard Edition

$49.95-Pro Edition

You can try Book Collector for free, but it is limited to 100 books.

Company: Collectorz

Where to purchase:

Age range: Teen - Adult

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Brief Introduction:
Catalog your book collection, simply by entering the ISBN number either by hand or by scanning it.

In-Depth Look:
I have the opportunity to try out Book Collector from Collectorz. Collectorz offers several Collector Software choices, including for music and movie.

I found it simple to enter my books into the program. Simply enter the ISBN number. Book Collector will look it up for you . . . pulling a good bit of information and automatically entering it under your book's title. It looks very nice and "official".

-Front Cover


-Publishing Company

-Publication Date

-Number of Pages


-Brief Description

Some of the information is your personal stuff.

-Collection Status (In collection or For sale)

-Wishlist (Wanted or On Order)

-Not in Collection

-10 Star Rating Scale

-Title Sort (Enter an alternate title to help title sort the way you would like)

The file for each book has lots of genre categories to choose from or you can add one. I have added some - children/storybook, children/holiday. It also has a long list of subjects. The program will select some for you and you can choose some more. These work like keywords to help you search for different topics and see which books you have available on the particular subject. For example, "Friend for Little Bear" selects the keywords




-Juvenile Fiction/General

So if my family is doing a unit study on islands, I can search for "islands" on Book Collector and it will pull up a list of all the books that have the keyword of "island".

What kind of things can you use this program for? Well, here are some ideas.
1. Insurance purposes
2. Keep track of books on loan to friends and family
3. Have access to the list so that you don't buy duplicates at the store
4. Organize by categories and keywords to quickly search for different topics
5. Make a wish list

I entered some books into the program and played around with the functions. It is a neat program with some cool features. It isn't something that I would use. I'm not that organized. :) But some people are. A friend of mine keeps all of his movies in a spreadsheet, so that visitors can choose the movie they would like to watch. Another friend keeps all of his video games listed in a spreadsheet so that he can easily see if he already owns a certain one. If you have a desire to do any of the these things, then this program is an easy-to-use solution. Very user-friendly with lots of automated features based on the ISBN.

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Disclaimer: I received Book Collector free of charge, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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