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Seasons of Faith Series - A Review

Products: Seasons of Faith Series

Price: $10 Each

When you use the code FREESHIPAPR15 between March 17 and April 15, 2010, you can receive free standard shipping with the purchase of the 4 book set.

Company: Children's Bible Hour

Where to Buy: CBH Ministries

Brief Overview:
CBH has taken adaptations of radio scripts from Children's Bible Hour and made them into illustrated children's books. Each of the 4 books come with a read-along CD narrated by Uncle Charlie.

I was familiar with CBH's Keys for Kids Devotionals. We have used them off and on for a few years. But I didn't realize that they had other products besides devotionals.

I was eager to receive the books. I knew they would be a welcome addition to our homeschool library.

"The Seasons of Faith illustrated books encourage children to learn about their faith in God. Based on CBH Ministries' treasure trove of radio scripts, these stories teach core truths of the Bible so that kids can easily apply them to their lives. Each book focuses on a season of faith-developing topics" - Book's back cover...These are the kinds of books that I want my children reading.

My daughters don't usually like stories on CD. But they are more likely to enjoy them when they have books to read along with. So, I wasn't sure how they would feel about these. But, they instantly took a liking to the books, each picking which one they wanted to listen to first.

The first one we listened to was "You Can't Come In". My oldest only wanted to listen. But my younger followed along with the book. My 7 year old's reaction? She enjoyed it. My 11 year old's reaction? It wasn't as bad as she expected. She liked it better than some other stories on CD we have listened to.

The next time we listened to one, both daughters followed along with the story book. They both enjoyed it.

We listened to these on car rides. So I was only able to listen, not follow along with the books. My impression? I like the simple, sweet stories. The analogies tie it all together nicely. They share simple Bible truths in a way that makes sense to the elementary-age group.

Uncle Charlie has a pleasant voice. He is easy to listen to. Honestly, I have listened to some story audios and found the narrator's voice to be annoying. But not so with Uncle Charlie. I enjoyed listening to him read the story.

The books are nicely done, filled with many full-page color illustrations and decent size print. The stories are charming and teach valuable lessons.

Discussion questions for each book are available. In the back of the books, they have included a section about how to accept Jesus as your Savior. I was glad to see this. I hope many little children come to salvation through these books.

I did find some things about the story lines a tad bit too predictable. As I was listening to the stories unfold and then wrap up, I was thinking to myself "that isn't the way it happens in real life". Sadly, people don't usually hear the gospel once and accept Jesus right away. It just seemed too "perfect". But I realize that these books are for the elementary age. So I figure they felt the need to keep it simple and short. Also, if you have ever read the Keys for Kids Devotionals, then you know what I am talking about. The characters always have the perfect analogy that makes everyone understand and change for the better. Sometimes when I read those, I think "Why can't I ever think of things like that to say". But the point is to make people think and to learn a life lesson and to evaluate their own hearts. If the books can do these things...if they can show a young child the way to salvation...then keep them coming.

If you are interested in the Keys for Kids Devotions that I mentioned, you can receive them for free.

My best guess for an age group - 4 to 12.

Please read some of the other crew members' reviews.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review these books as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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