Thursday, March 18, 2010

Olde World Style World and U.S. Maps - A Review

Product: Olde World Style World and United States Maps

Price: Download for $18.95 each / $28.95 for both
CDs for $19.95 each / $29.95 for both

Owner: Amy Pak

Where to Purchase: Homeschool In The Woods

Other Products Available: Timelines, Maps and Activity Paks

Samples of World Maps

Samples of United States Maps

Brief Overview:
The World Maps set includes over 130 maps and 40+ notebooking pages.
The United States Maps set includes over 180 maps and notebooking pages for each state.

In-Depth Look:
As a homeschooler, I've heard of Amy Pak and of Homeschool in the Woods. I haven't had a chance to try out any of her products. But I've heard many wonderful things about them.

So when the crew sent out a note saying that I'd be reviewing some of the Homeschool in the Woods products, I was eager to have a look. When I opened up the files, I was definitely not disappointed. There was SO much stuff.

First, I opened up the United States Maps file. There were maps for each state. Notebooking sheets for each state. And even a cover and binder printout to tie it all together.

Then I looked at the World Maps. I found maps of the countries, notebooking pages, and also a cover and binder printout.

I decided to print out a bunch of forms for my daughters to do a state report on New York. I printed most of them from the US file, but also a few from the World file that I thought would be a good fit. These are the files that I printed:

A map of New York so we can label familiar towns
A map of the United States, to show New York in relation to the country
A map of North America, to show New York in relation to the continent.
An itinerary to fill out for "our trip" to New York, including things to see and do and eat.
A real estate brochure for the girls to personalize to entice others to "move in"
And a New York Facts sheet, such as the capital, state bird and state flag

I am really excited about this product and the possibilities. After finishing up the New York study, we can (over time) cover the other 49 states also. Then put them all in a binder (with the handy front and binder cover that Amy has provided). What a great keepsake for each child.

My girls have enjoyed working with this project. Looking up the information, filling in the forms, drawing pictures, etc. And my mind has been spinning with all of the future possibilities. I like the black and white Old World feeling that the drawings have. I appreciate that there are so many options, such as printing maps as labeled or not.

If you enjoy activity paks, I highly recommend this product. Be sure to check out all of Amy's other products.

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Disclaimer: I was asked to review these Olde World paks as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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