Friday, September 2, 2011

Civilize This - A Review

Product:  Civilize This

Price:  Varies depending on store

Age Range:  8 +

Company:  Griddly Games

Other Products:  Several other unique games

Brief Intro:  (from the website)

Hello Time Travelers! Explore the world’s cultures across time with the trivia game based on the award-winning Wise Alec™ Family Trivia Game. There are 300 questions to test your knowledge of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern cultures. Two levels of questions on each card let everyone from young scholars to history buffs play together. Plus, Wise Alec™ cards will have you doing tongue twisters, brain teasers, and fun exercises!

The cards from this game can also be used to expand your own set of Wise Alec™ Family Trivia Game.

My Thoughts:

First impression?  The case is really cool.  My 12 year old even mentioned how much she liked the case.  It is perfect for at home or for travel.  The game comes with a die and 4 decks of cards - Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Wise Alec.

I love history, so this kind of game is right up my alley.  The questions are very hard, but I like it anyways.  Even if I do hardly ever get one right.  I see it as a challenge and if I get it right - Hooray! If I get it wrong - I have the chance to learn something new. 

The questions were very difficult for my daughters.  My 9 year old will play it, but she gets discouraged.  My 12 year old likes it a lot and asks to play it.  The recommended age is 8+, so this seems about right.  Each card has 2 questions, one for 3 points and a harder one for 7.  To even the playing field some, I give my daughters the 3 point questions and I take the 7 point questions (but still only give myself 3 points for correct answers).

The rules are very simple.  You roll a die and get a question based on the color you roll.  There is a also a "wild card" category, which gives you random points - plus and minus. The Wise Alec cards are one reason my 9 year old keeps going.  She gets points for cool things, like saying a tongue twister.

My overall opinion:  Hey, it is a history lesson in a box.  And my daughters are willing to play it. What is there not to like about that!  i recommend it.

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Disclaimer: I received this game free of charge to review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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