About Me

My name is Kimberly.  I have been married to my Prince Charming for 17 years, which is very hard for me to believe.  It so doesn't seem that long.  Together, we have 3 beautiful, precious girls.  Ages 14, 11, and 4.  We have always homeschooled, and by God's grace we always will.  I also have a great 22 year old stepson.  He lives out of state and is working towards being a computer game programmer.  He is making great progress.  He gets his talent and skill from his Daddy.  Our 14 year old is now showing great interest in learning it as well.

It is amazing to see each child find their own niche.  Just as my 22 year old son is working on his love of programming, I can see my other children's interests blooming.  The 14 year old is our Drama Queen.  She can't get enough of acting and performing.  So she is currently involved in her sixth drama production.  It is the highlight of her week.  Our 11 year old, who is also involved in drama, is our Craft Queen.  She loves to do crafts, make cards, draw pictures, and is known for making cute little things to surprise us.  Now our 4 year old is showing an interest in drawing.  She will ask us to draw this or that.  And she will also draw a multitude of things and tell us about them.  Love them and their uniqueness.

I grew up an Air Force brat.  So whenever someone asks where I am "from", I go with the longest place I lived somewhere.  That would be South Carolina.  I lived there for 22 years, up until 7 years ago.  That is when we picked up and moved to New York.  Wow, I couldn't have imagined just what a culture shock it would be.  It has been  a long process, and I am still adjusting.  Gotta tell you though.  I love the mountains, the rivers, the mild summers, seeing my daughters enjoying the snow.

I am all about homeschooling.  Love it.  Wouldn't want it any other way.  It is what we have always done.  What I always want to do.  We use an eclectic style.  Textbooks for some subjects.  Living books for others.  A little from this company, a little from that company, and a whole lot from the library.

I have been writing reviews for 4 years.  Mostly for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  What an amazing experience.  A great group of homeschoolers using and reviewing all kinds of things: textbooks, story books, DVDs, software, toys, beauty care, and more.