Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plain Wisdom - A Review

Plain Wisdom
-An Invitation into an Amish Home and the Hearts of Two Women
by Cindy Woodsmall & Miriam Flaud
Available at ChristianBook.com

I have been fascinated with the Amish lifestyle for over 15 years now.  Ever since my first trip to Lancaster, PA.  Actually it began even before that while reading several series of Amish fiction.  But once I visited the place and saw some of the lifestyle in person, the fever struck.  And I had it bad.  I go back to Lancaster to visit as often as I can.  It is my favorite place to go camping.

In the meantime, while waiting on my next trip, I continue to read the novels that I enjoy.  Books about the Amish.  Cindy Woodsmall has written several great ones. This book, Plain Wisdom, is extra special because it is about real families.  Real families in real towns with real stories.  I enjoyed having an insider "tour" into their lives, homes, customs, hopes, dreams, trials, and struggles.

But the Plain aspect isn't the only thing to love about this book. It is also about the Wisdom.  Cindy and Miriam have opened their hearts and lives to share their wisdom with us.  It has the feel of a friendly chat.  Just little insights and stories to strengthen your faith, your resolve.  To lift your spirits and perspective. To strengthen your relationship with your family and your God.

Every time I sat down to read this book, I put it away feeling so encouraged.  I appreciate the authors' candor, taking the time to share so much of their lives with us, in hopes of helping other wives and moms. 

I say, "Job well done.  Mission accomplished."

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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