Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Princess Challenge

The Princess Challenge

This past fall, my daughters had the opportunity to be a part of a special class at our homeschool co-op named, "The Princess Challenge". Most little girls dream of being a princess, so the name had them curious. On the first day of class, we were introduced to the instructor . . . a delightful and energetic young lady named Kara Panetta.

We learned that Kara has written a book with the same title, "The Princess Challenge" and also a coordinating prayer journal. On the first day of class, each girl received a book, prayer journal, bookmark and pretty little pen. Such a nice way to make each little princess feel extra special.

Class meetings consisted of reading through the Princess Challenge book, crafts, games, and Bible memory recitation. The Princess Challenge book is a delightful story. The main character, Princess Nicole, explains what a True Princess looks and acts like. How it isn't about a palace, tiara, or flowing gowns. It is a about being a child of The King. At first Daisy (Nicole's best friend) doesn't believe that Nicole is a princess or that Daisy can also be one. But Nicole explains it in a lovely way and little Daisy soon accepts the challenge and becomes a True Princess, as well. Daisy's brother doesn't believe that either girls are princesses, but they both are praying that he soon will and will also come to accept Jesus as Savior.

Homework assignments consisted of Bible Verse memorization and using the Prayer Journal. The Prayer Journal is a sweet and simple way to draw your daughter nearer to God and give them ideas and challenges to become a better friend.

My daughters had a wonderful time in Kara's class. They learned more about being a True Princess and witness for Jesus. They learned some practical ideas about ways to live their lives in a way that exhibits the fruits of the Spirit.

It was a great experience and well worth our time. I highly recommend Kara's books and classes.

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