Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Master Ruler - A Review


Master Ruler Workbook - $15.95

Master Ruler Standard - $9.95

Master Ruler Metric - $9.95

Marvels of Measurement Poster - $10.00

Master Innovations, LLC

Where to Purchase:
Master Rulers and Workbook
Marvels of Measurement Poster

Age Range:
Elementary and Up

Other Products Available:
Master Clock
Master Fractions
Master Angles

Brief Overview:

A multi-layered ruler that allows your child to see and understand measurements in a much more simplified way. Great innovation.

YouTube Video explaining the system

In-Depth Look:

When you hear about a course for measurements, you probably think "big deal". Right? You take the ruler and you measure the lines. Well, then I took out these rulers and began looking them over . . . and I think they are a "big deal". What a unique concept.

The Master Ruler has 5 layers. Hopefully you can tell a little from the picture above. If not, check the video.
Layer 1 - inches - lined in RED
Layer 2 - 1/2 inch increments - lined in BLUE
Layer 3 - 1/4 inch increments - lined in GREEN
Layer 4 - 1/8 inch increments - lined in RED
Layer 5 - 1/16 inch increments - lined in PURPLE

Combine these with the workbook and your child will gain a better understanding of measurements and how the the different ones relate to each other. This will also lead to a better understanding of how fractions work.

Imagine a line that is 2 inches long. Flip through the layers of the ruler and quickly see that 2 inches is also -

4/2 inches
8/4 inches
16/8 inches
32/16 inches

The workbook gives practice in improper fractions, adding/subtracting fractions with uncommon denominators, finding area/perimeter, conversion, rounding, reducing fractions, and more. The workbook is small, only 24 pages long. But it is packed full of information. This would be a quick supplement to your current math program to help enforce measuring and fraction skills.

The rulers will come in handy long after the workbook is done. They are the handiest little gadgets to have around. I am very impressed with them. It makes it so much simpler to measure in different increments without all the other numbers adding to the confusion.

I like this product and recommend it.

We also received the Marvels of Measurement poster. What a handy-dandy poster it is.
-Inch - 1/2 inch - 1/4 inch - 1/8 in - 1/16 in
-gallon - quart - pint - cup
-pound - ounces
-mile - feet - yard
-pound - ton

Love it!

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Disclaimer: I received the Master Ruler products free of charge, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The above is just my opinion. Please remember that opinions may, and do, vary.

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