Saturday, July 31, 2010

Homeschoolers come together in a community called TOS, and we are so much more than pages in a magazine! Join us and have all these things and more! Within each issue you’ll find amazing resources, candid interviews with business owners, glimpses into the routines of other homeschools, articles from the experts in homeschooling, as well as up-and-coming innovators helping our days run a little more smoothly. Find them all in our pages along with their insight, expertise, and honesty as we all homeschool together! Educational experience, edification, and excitement are available for you.

Act now and receive the Turning Points E-book ($12.45 value) with one-year new and renewal subscriptions (U.S. and Canada only), and the Turning Points

Turning Points E-Book text ($12.45 value):

Whether you're trying to get your bearings as you consider homeschooling or looking for encouragement to stay the course, you'll find both in this new E-Book from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

Turning Points in Homeschooling offers ample support and incredible insight that will help answer many of the troublesome questions you may have.

When confronted with difficult decisions and circumstances, don't follow the pull of a worldly compass that will lead you off track. Instead, search for and follow what is authentic and true. Let God's Word be your compass, and be assured that you can trust His guidance for your family.

Schoolhouse Expo to Go text ($19.99 value):

Our first ever Schoolhouse Expo, held May 12-14, 2010, was a huge success! We had wonderful speakers, topics, free gifts, and door prizes that helped to bless and encourage attendees from around the world.

US 1-yr. subs - $9.95 + free E-book: Turning Points ($12.45 value)

Canadian 1-yr. subs - $9.95 + free E-book: Turning Points ($12.45 value)

US 2-yr. subs - $17.95 + free E-book: Turning Points ($12.45 value) and Expo To Go ($19.95 value)

Canadian 2-yr. subs - $17.95 + free E-book: Turning Points ($12.45 value) and Expo To Go ($19.95 value)

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